Problem Definition
The Olympics have a rich history of putting cities in debt, causing environmental harm, and harm to the people that dwell there as well. The City of Calgary is being pressured by the Olympic Committee to host the Olympics; they are one of the few cities that is “able” to. Olympics coverage is doing an excellent job at covering up the problems the Winter Games will cause. We need a campaign that encourages people to re-think the future of their city, make informed decisions, and do the research.​​​​​​​
This social awareness campaign on the Olympic Bid serves two purposes: educating“yes” voters of what they’re in for, and to remind “no” voters why their voice needs to be heard.
The campaign scope operates within social media and environmental presence through bus stops, Instagram, and Twitter, in order to reach audiences in their daily interactions. The social media allows the audience to spread the conversation elsewhere and share the facts with friends. 
Competitive Advantage
Existing awareness campaigns and news platforms tend to choose one voting perspective over another or they mesh the two perspectives together, resulting in a mass of confusion on which perspective to side with and overload of information. By focusing on social, economical, and environmental issues this campaign seeks to synthesize research in a way the is trustworthy, while comparing and contrasting the oppositions so that Calgarians feel better informed about their future as a city.

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