This re-design commenced with assessing the YEG Live's current website and identifying the top areas of concern: unconventional homepage, lack of proper search functionality (e.g. little to no adherence to UI patterns, unnecessary and confusing pathways within the site's navigation, and micro-content scannability.
The final re-design represents the following set of recommendations in response to the top problems identified above.
1. Reposition the site’s personality and purpose as a one-stop shop for finding local events with a Jumbotron, Call-To-Action, and organized rows.
2. Create a search function that is interactive (instant feedback/suggestions), provides filters from the start, and offers helpful ways to narrow / sort results (e.g. price, availability, etc).
3. Utilize overlays/pop-windows and breadcrumbs when necessary. Remove unuseful items and position them within a new sitemap.
4. Keep list entries consistent and put the user in control of the information they need. Establish a template for list entries to follow (headers, subheaders, buttons etc.).

detailed close-up of search results page

sort events by date
sort events by date
shopping cart window
shopping cart window


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